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country entertainment at its best

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When you live in the country, you are not very spoiled for entertainment.

This is one thing you must be aware of when you make the big move.  Very, very few places – if any – have a cinema or theatre just around the corner.

outing IMG_2441If you are one of the more fortunate folk who can take a wonderful weekend break back in one of the big cities; being spoiled rotten relaxing in an exclusive hotel, dining in a first class restaurant followed by a top stage show or major concert –  this probably won’t be of interest at all. That is – unless you want to know how the other half lives ………

For the rest of us who live in small towns across the country, we thrive on annual festivals, morning markets, church fetes – with some even hosting great sporting events like cycle rallies and marathon runs.

But when it comes to an evening out on a Friday or Saturday, options are ‘skraal’  (meagre / lean) to say the least.

entertainment IMG_0775Some folk have brought in acts from the city, and one hilarious Saturday evening was spent over an elegantly simple meal – four to a table, theatre club style – while two unbelievably funny and clever mimes acted out to some belting risqué songs, keeping us all in stitches.

Amongst other enjoyable happenings have been a magic show, scavenger hunts, classical music evenings held in private homes with small groups – a harpist and flautist on one wonderful occasion and a youthful trio on piano, violin and guitar on another.

Through the years, small dinner club groups came into being – started by people who enjoyed one another’s company and who lamented the lack of variety in locally available cuisine at the time.  This proved to be great fun – a lovely shared evening with folk with similar interests and a wonderful place to present your latest experimental dish!

A local bush pub periodically has popular artists performing for the gathering who enjoy a good old fashioned braai, or hearty farm meals.

entertainment IMG_0733The local museum group arranges regular social outings to people and places of interest, keeping all abreast of happenings in and around the town.

All this happens in our area alone.

There must be many more exciting entertaining happenings out there in your country district, but none, I am sure, as ingenuous as the next one.

There are some locals who look to Friday as the end of the workweek, deserving of the regular ‘papsak’ wine celebration – along with whatever else they can find for entertainment – singing, dancing, sleeping, stabbing and so on.

One frustrated farmer told us that he had had to switch off some of the protective  electric fences around his valuable, ripening, prize table grapes.

The  electricity to these fences had  tripped repeatedly one Saturday night.

On inspection he found the somewhat inebriated local population entertaining themselves hugely, by throwing one another at the fence.

Don’t tell me country folk don’t know how to enjoy themselves!