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cemeteries Calitzdorp and district

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Cemeteries of Calitzdorp and surrounding areas – For serious genealogists or those merely interested in tracing an ancestor in the Calitzdorp district, some cemeteries in and around Calitzdorp have been recorded.

Calitzdorp Cemeteries -AERIAL VIEW - BLACK INK labels


It is said that the first cemetery in Calitzdorp was located in the area of the present ‘Queen of Calitzdorp’ guest house.  There is however, nothing to indicate exactly where it might have been or who might have been buried there.

There was a house which stood a short distance from ‘The Queen’ which was known as die spookhuis’ – the haunted house. This house was demolished and the current police station and magistrate’s court now stand where ‘die spookhuis’  once stood. Could the old cemetery perhaps have been on that plot, giving rise to the ‘spookhuis‘ name?

There are still farm and private cemeteries – as well as individual graves on farms – which have not yet been recorded.  If you know of any unrecorded graves in the Calitzdorp area, please forward details, (with photographs and GPS position if possible) to so that we can add them to our records. All information will also be offered to the Calitzdorp Museum.

The Calitzdorp dam was completed in 1918 and it was also during 1918 that the great Spanish  ‘flu epidemic struck. It is believed – but not verified – that during the last stages of the dam’s construction, there were workers on the site who fell to this deadly disease. It is said that they were treated in a hastily erected field hospital on the koppie above the field of white quartz pebbles near the dam wall. Fearing the spread of the disease, those who died were buried right there.  If true, this historical episode seems to be completely forgotten and the graves are no longer visible.  It has been believed for centuries that white quartz promotes healing and repels illness. What better substance to cover graves of those who died from such a dangerous disease and to act as a sterilizer of sorts!  If true, it would be nice to mark this cemetery as a place of remembrance.


Calitzdorp Old Cemetery
GPS: -33 31.815, 21 41.438

Calitzdorp old cemetery

Calitzdorp old cemetery


Calitzdorp’s own resident historian, Malan Roux, undertook the mammoth task of recording every grave and headstone in this cemetery, producing an amazingly thorough work of the results, in October 2012.

The Genealogical Society of SA has recorded some of the headstones in this cemetery.



Main cemetery 2
Calitzdorp Old Cemetery  complete records. 

With grateful thanks to Mr Malan Roux
for allowing us to make his work available to all.

FREE downloadable pdf copy. 
Please note that document page numbers
start with page 1 being the first Register list page,
and not the front page or lay-out chart pages.


Calitzdorp New Cemetery
GPS: -33 32.018, 21 42.127

Calitzdorp new cemetery

Calitzdorp new cemetery


We have as yet, no records for this rapidly growing cemetery, on the upper eastern side of town.


The Genealogical Society of SA has recorded some of the headstones in this cemetery.





Old English / St Mark’s cemetery
GPS: -33 32.022, 21 41.312

Old English cemetery

Old English cemetery


Happy Sarah Baldwin, whose enthusiasm and determination resulted in the building of the little St. Mark’s Anglican church in Queen street,  is buried in this sadly neglected little cemetery in the middle of town. Few gravestones still stand and burial records have not yet been found.

The Genealogical Society of SA has recorded the remaining headstones in this cemetery.




Bergsig cemetery

Bergsig cemetery-black ink label


Bergsig suburb has a large cemetery between the edge of the township and Route 62. It is not known if any research has been recorded for this cemetery.





Gamka-Oos cemetery

This is a little  cemetery just off the road reserve at the intersection of the ‘sementpad’ and the Gamka-Oos road for which we have no burial records.


CEMETERY RECORDS HELD by the Genealogical Society of SA (GSSA)
These records include photographs of many of the gravestones. Visit their site for details.

CALITZDORP, Old cemetery   Cemetery ID: 3128

Google Earth GPSID: 3732
GPS: -33 31.815, 21 41.438

Album incomplete, GSSA does not have photographs of all the headstones in the cemetery.

CALITZDORP, New cemetery   Cemetery ID: 3080

Google Earth  GPSID: 3682
GPS: -33 32.018, 21 42.127

Album incomplete, only a few selected graves photographed.

Andries Kraal, farm cemetery   Cemetery ID: 1308

Google earth GPSID: 1303
GPS: -33 33.620, 21 54.012

There are 19 names in this cemetery and all were recorded and graves photographed.


Gamkaskloof, Die Hel,   Cemetery ID: 4123

Swartberg Nature Reserve, farm cemetery_1

Google Earth GPSID: 4875
GPS: -33 21.173, 21 44.584

Album complete.

Gamkaskloof, Die Hel,    Cemetery ID: 4123

Swartberg Nature Reserve, farm cemetery_2

Google Earth GPSID: 4876
GPS: -33 21.583, 21 40.493

Album complete.

Groenfontein, Kraal Doorn 11, farm cemetery   Cemetery ID: 651

Kraaldoorn cemetery

Kraaldoorn cemetery


Google Earth GPSID: 651
GPS: -33 28.016, 21 44.217

There were 22 names in this cemetery as at 6 Apr 2007 and all were recorded.  Situated 12 km from Calitzdorp, next door to Kraaldoring Gallery on the Groenfontein road, this cemetery is beautifully maintained by the Potgieter family of Kraaldoorn.



Matjes Valley 2,    Cemetery ID: 4553

Matjesvlei farm cemetery,

Google Earth GPSID: 5427
GPS: +/- -33 26.879,   21 39.055

Album complete.

Rooibergpas, Goedverwagting 35, Cemetery ID: 2605

farm cemetery,

Google Earth GPSID: 3143
GPS: -33 36.427, 21 41.290

There are 25 names in this cemetery, all of which have been recorded and headstones photographed


Rooibergpas, Welgunst 34, Cemetery ID: 2555

farm cemetery_1

Google Earth  GPSID: 3083
GPS: -33 37.651, 21 41.716

The 10 names in this cemetery have been recorded and all headstones photographed


Rooibergpas, Welgunst 34,   Cemetery ID: 2555

farm cemetery_2 Cemetery information:-
Google Earth GPSID: 3142
GPS: -33 37.068, 21 41.338

Two names only in this cemetery, both recorded and headstones photographed


The South African Wargraves organisation has the following listed for the area:


Goedverwagting Farm burial ground, Calitzdorp
The farm is about 10 kilometres from Calitzdorp

OOSTHUIZEN, Gunner, ADRIAAN S., 196376, South African Artillery.
31 January 1943. Age 25. Son of Mrs A P Oosthuizen, of Calitzdorp.

Uitvlugt Farm burial ground, Calitzdorp

ZANA, Private, W, C/301866, Cape Corps, S.A. Forces.
11 December 1946. Grave Ref. Grave 3.